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MEDITATION. Why is it so important now?

Which being of the Universe is whispering to you?

  more beings

I love you Babe:

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I believe in Angels:

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The Miracle:

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Love is my religion:

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There is nothing to fear if we are able to see the world clearly. The stake of this ‘game’ is your soul/spirit. Nothing else matters and survives.   LOVE is the highest vibration/frequency, fear is the lowest. In order to make this coming transition we must be able to raise our energy frequency. LOVE is the only answer

The philosopher should be a man willing to listen to every suggestion, but determined to judge for himself. He should be not biased by appearances, have no favourite hypothesis, be of no school, and in doctrine have no master. He should not be a respecter of persons, but of things. Truth should be his primary object. If to these qualities be added industry, he may indeed hope to walk within the veil of temple of Nature. Michael Faraday

Spirit is whispering answers to assist with our next step. Since we can hear the Universe guiding us, we no longer feel alone . Almine

K nowledge and spiritual skills are the most valuable things to know and learn about your future existence in order to survive.  Eric Peppin

But the key is to find a way to connect to your Higher Self and your Guides and allow them to teach you . That is truly the only way. No one can do the work for you and no one can “Save You”, except yourse lf. You have to be able to raise the frequency of your energies, and raise your levels of Consciousness. You have to be able to connect to your OWN Higher Self, that is the ONLY place where your real truth lies read more..

If one does not have any de, both one’s body and soul become extinct. read more..

‘All you ever really are is the quality of energy that you bring into this world. All you ever really have is the quality of your own perception. Ditch emotion. Ditch mind. Develop your energy. Develop perception. Perception determines your reality . Perception transcends illusion and ignorance . Khris Krepcik


My task is to talk.. nothing in our lifes comes without consequences of our ‘choice sweet choice’. Blind man



What is Love?

Lasts no matter what

Is KNOWLEDGE and Light

Is pure acceptance – do not judge anybody ever

Is instant and infinite forgiveness

Is compassion

Is truth

Does not jealous

Does not boast

Is long suffering and kind

Does not envy

Is no evil

Bears all things

Believes all things


Has no personal gain

There is no ME in love, love is living for others

Is awareness who we are, spirits on the quest to develop

Love does not fight, consciousness does not fight

Commits without guarantee

Gives oneself completely

Love is surrender, surrender is love

Love is serenity

Love is in new not corrupted reality

EGO=evil and hell reality as next destination

”The ego is false sense of self based on mental concepts. It is identification with the body and mind–identification with form, which primarily means thought forms”    Eckhart Tolle

Examples of egoic patterns:

* blaming, judging, accusing, gossiping, complaining

* identifying with mental positions, needing to be right, needing to have ”enemies”, applying negative mental labels to people

*demanding recognition for something youdid and getting angry or upset if you dont get it

* trying to get attention by talking about your problems, the story of your illnesses, or making scene

* giving your opinion when nobody has asked for it and it makes no difference to the situation

* being more concerned with how the other person sees you than with the other person, which is to say, using other people for egoic reflection or as ego enhancers

* trying to make an impression on others through possesions, knowlwdge, good looks, status, physical strenght, and so on

* bringing about temporary ego inflation through angry reaction against something or someone

* taking things personally, feeling offended

* making yourself right and others wrong throgh futile mental or verbal complaining

* wanting to be seen, or to appear important

Each EGO traps a fragment of consciousness…the more egos you lose the more self aware you become


I was ‘told’ to do it…  ufo against the Moon, pictures

I am in the park, it is five or six pm and I am walking with my dog, and enjoying the third day of a full moon. At this moment I knew, that I would be going tonight to the loft to take some pictures of the moon. Something I have never done before. It is the third day of a full moon and the last one. I do not know why, but I do have a very strong feeling that, no matter the time, I will be taking pictures in the loft at the right moment. We recently had two lunar eclipses, and I did not even think about taking pictures.

I have a lens, a huge monster, that I have never used before, even though I have owned it for five years. I always knew, that there would be a moment I would need to use it in the future.

So it is after 11pm and I am going to the loft to take some pictures of the moon, just an idea. There is a mess in my loft, so I have to balance in the dark, stepping on things I cannot see.

I use my medium lens first, and I have some difficulties with setting the shutter speed. It took me a while to sort out the camera settings, as I had not taken night pictures for some time. Finally I did set the shutter correctly at the speed o 1/2000sec-1/1600sec and I started taking photos of the moon and its parts. I checked the pictures on the camera to correct my mistakes. Suddenly I discovered, that there is something, that should not appear on the moon, and I say WOW! I found what I saw completely astonishing. I transferred the pictures to my pc. You can see them as I took them.

There is a huge ufo, a few kilometres in size orbiting/(erratic movements?) the moon many times. Take a close look at the times between the photographs, and it is obvious, that this object is orbiting a moon at the speed of two orbits per minute. If you are able to calculate the speed based on dates and times, please do so.

The object looks similar to an object seen by many witnesses above the USA. A film was made on the Discovery channel on this very subject, and the conclusion reached was, that we humans cannot make what it thought to be a space ship like this.

What could this be? My guess is, that this ship is not coming very often to the earth, the moon. It is a delivery ship, to supply an alien base on the moon .

How come I was prompted to go to the loft at the right time. To do what I was supposed to do? Why? My guess is, to let you know. What we can do about it? Should we be afraid knowing that aliens are based on the moon for longer than humanity exists? What if we are their childeren?

Finally, I said to myself, ok, enough emotions for today, I checked the time on my iphone (I never did this before) and go to sleep. The time was 00.00

Now, I said, I am not going to sleep at all!!!

The camera was set to British summer time. Like 12.36 how do we account for the time difference? I returned to taking pictures half an hour after, then one hour after, then after an hour and half, but there was nothing on them this time. The object was no longer visible.

Shade – the picture consist not of a picture of the object, but of the shade it casts on the Moon. I can’t count the exact distance, speed etc, can you? I thought about it when I did it. Maybe its movement wasn’t circular but erratic? Also ‘Glargod’ commented: ‘The focus is on the Moon. Anything out of focus would be grossly blurred’. Good point, thank you

I did not have a tripod. It was never necessary. The lens is a Vision King ‘Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope’ D=90mm, F=1200mm, f/13.3, it is very big but very basic. It reaches only a far distance and has a one small uncomfortable manual handleknob to regulate it. That is the entire setting. It is primitive, manual and too slow. The very strange fact/coincidence is, that the ‘frame of the lens’ exactly includes full size of the Moon and now full size of the Sun. There is no way you can regulate distance.  That is why I never used it before. You have to set the sharpness manually and then press the shutter. The lens did not move even a dot. It was very difficult, took ages and the lens was simply supported on the window frame. My heart beat was shaking it, so I couldn’t see exactly what I was doing unless I held my breath to minimize movements. Only the fast speed of the shutter made the quality of the pictures. In other words, no full moon=not enough light to make a good picture/fast shutter. I am not a professional. I am passionate.





Tuesday, 10 January 2012 00:24

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 00:37

Movement may be not circular but erratic

  Object's possible movement

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