Beings of the universe

‘Our’ universe is full of beings. Some of them treat us as a food, feeding on our emotions, some want to help to upgrade us. It is happening now

Circuitous Light Beings

The truth about Orion lizards

What star system did you originate from?

Alien species A-Z




More about reptiles


Sirius Temple of ascension

Galactic network

Alien pictures

Interview with alien (original makers)

Aliens dealing with governments

they are here all the time – more about aliens

Human origins

Ufo and aliens in art history

Aliens and Illuminati connections
”All physical and non-physical Reptilians, Draconians, Archons and all other dark entities have been already completely cleared from the whole universe, galaxy and our solar system, except from a small surface layer of planet Earth.
All Reptilians and other dark forces have already been completely cleared from all underground military bases. Those bases are now empty, and their entrances sealed”  read more..

Starseeds – beings from another planets here to help you