Mayan Prophecies

Enjoy your death experience soon, sorry I have to wake you up

another person got a situation.. she closed her eyes and was flying through the tunnel.. scared she opened eyes..then closed and was flying again.. scared as h..she kept eyes open as she felt/knew that she was going to die/leave the body .. after while experience ended..she did not see the light so the experience was shortened ‘demo version of death experience’..

I explained her.. the tunnel is the distance between pineal gland and third eye. This is only 10 cm in the head but you fly quite a long way when leaving own body through the third eye. So she got experience to prepare her mentally for what is going to happen.. no fear..normal.. you died many times she is peaceful.. knowing makes you calm and safe,

These are just information that YOU ARE GOING TO LEAVE THIS BODY, this suit, this vehicle, this form of incarnation or whatever..

I met a friend coincidentally, he was carrying page for ‘somebody’ that day.. on the page was ..”Heading toward capturing, The point of momentum, I orbit myself, Everyone is there.’..

The more you are prepared mentally for this experience the more you WILL HAVE FUN with this experience!

Now.. different matter is where are you going to go after leaving this body as this is the very last lifetime for inkarnation. Time is up. You will go where your level of vibration takes you.

‘’once you learn their things you will have to go with them and become their species’’ – this is about ‘ankle biters’/demons/low life beings/never call them ‘archons’ having influence on everybody’s mind directly via your thoughts, then corrupted govs and system, tv, ‘mobile’ mind control tower, chemtrails..etc etc

so what can you do about it?

the only defence is to cut bad thoughts incoming to your head. Cut them as they arise, do not follow thinking harming anybody, swearing, cheating etc. you need to cultivate moral quality with every second of your life.

By changing your thinking you change your dna towards direction of the thinking and your life. You create your own illness and your own happiness, conditions, future..etc

‘’if you don’t think about good things at least you should not think about bad things’’

‘’This foundation will play critical role, for human mind activities have quite a part to play’’

Love and fun and knowledge about it and calmness is essential to ‘journey to the right direction’. You have to be Yin, total calmness in the eye of the storm. And the storm will be bloody.

So prepare for death. Just take it easy. It is just a door, gate. And it is designed to be pleasant experience.

Process of ‘ending of the world will last years…

‘’and if these days would not be shortened no flesh would live’’

So consider yourself as dead. What is your priority now?

What should be?

My priority is to make you fearless and aware and progress towards higher vibration. Loosing ego is top priority as this blocks our perception.    The Earth is just school of souls.

‘’everything within the field of your dimension is dictated by the thoughts in the brain’’ Li Hongzi

‘’staying totally calm and forgiving should be your ultimate goal’’ Cameron Day

‘’… be faithful even to death and I give you crown of life. He who overcomes shall not be hurt by second death (which is ‘lake of fire’ reality)’’ Revelation 2:10,11

Have a good journey to light with fun

I am telling you.. my angels are funny..

I live in a dream.. and I am not affraid of anything ..cos I am immortal.. like you





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