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Blindman, 3-5 years old, abduction

I am about 3-5 years old. We have no tv, no info about ufo, no knowledge, basic reading skills, basically no anything. A few dreams, very scary dreams. In these dreams they were waiting for me. UFO on the sky. I knew they were waiting for me, but I was too afraid to check it, to see them though the window, I knew they were not good. I was sure they will take me. Fear, an unbelievable fear. Finally I broke myself and  went to the kitchen (lucid dreams), and very gently uncovered the small gap in the curtain on the window, so I could see them but they didn’t. They were on the sky, waiting all the time in one point, still the same, a steel like ball, a sphere, no other shapes (like they did near Mexico airport, so everybody could see them but radar not). I was so afraid so I run back under the duvet and was shaking, day after day, finally the dreams went away for good. This is what I remember. Cut off memory. Why do they cut off memory?

Today I know that 2/3 of humanity is being abducted, and if you want to know why your government sold your skin see  LINKS YOU MUST SEE   and  MIND CONTROL

Update: I met few months ago a wonderful person.  She sees things, she is very special. A starseed. She told me details about this encounter  before I told her anything. She said things I do not remember. That I was three years old, and they ‘came/materialized’ into my room, and I was frightened and could not move. I was lying on my bed with closed eyes, and they took a probe of me from left hand. I was too scared to say anybody about it.

So why do they take our DNA? to make a copy of us?  A month ago (2012)I wanted to be hypnotized to check exactly what they (greys/reptiles) did to me, but it did not work. I knew since childhood that nobody is going to hypnotize me. How is this posible?


Blindman, about 14 years old, ufo observation

I was always fascinated with stars. Once, during summer night, me and my friend were watching a sky with binoculars. suddenly I noticed a points moving very fast. about 9-11 points, group of objects with brightness like average star, but moving very fast with perfectly straight direction from one horizon to another. To fly by the whole sky it took them about 9-11 seconds. I counted it. What was the most amazing was a method of movement. They constantly were changing their positions between each other. It was perfectly and precisely organized speedy movement. Exactly like movement protons and electrons inside an atom. So fast, that I wanted to count them but it was impossible. They were far far away from the Earth. They had to be huge to emit that kind of visibility. I was in shock! This observation has changed my life forever! I shouted to my friend showing him direction but he could not notice. it was too late. After 20 years there is still WOW! factor in my memory.


Blindman, 1980’s, strange dream

A dream. I was on the beach. Alone. Sunset coming quietly and beautifully. Unbelievably flat sea. Suddenly an impression that see is starting coming out on the land, moving towards me. But it was not sea that was moving. There were rats, a huge rats like big cats, small dogs. There were so many of them, milions that the sand disappeared totally. There was no wide beach any more only rats coming out of the sea and me on their way. I held my breath thinking ‘they will eat me alive in a sec!!!’ but they passed me touching my legs and disappeared into the land. What a relief… and impression… it will happen.. (placed on web 21.04.2012 11pm)

update 22.04.2012 : this is unbelievable!!!. I placed this dream on the web yestarday late evening. Today I open yahoo and I see what?! A giant rat killed by somebody! what the .. !? things starts hapenning on daily basis now, see it by yourself giant rats or copy/paste http://uk.news.yahoo.com/giant-rat-caught-killed-grandad-174504562.html


Blindman, 80’s, mysterious feeling

I had very strong impression that kind of something, a big event is going to happen in the future of 20 years or so. I had no idea why, what, when. No clue. Just a feeling. Looking on the txt of some songs from that period, many people had it. And I have to admit it, I had thoughts, ‘ok, there is some time for some small sins’. It does not sound good, does it?

Today I know that the time is very limited. And I am trying to be ‘pure white’. It is hard but possible


Blindman, 30.06.2011, ‘good’ aliens visited me in a dream

Dreams recently. Normaly I do not have any dreams. If I have them they mean something and I write them down or remember. As I train chinese Qi gong (proper breathing and circulation of body energy) it might happen because of more Qi (energy level) maybe not. Chinese master of Qi gong, Wang Liping on spiritual level can program dreams into the heads of 300 students at the same time, day by day as a serial, transferring knowledge, so I am saying there are no coincidental dreams at all and ever. Everything is planned and with purpose. Today in a dream aliens visited me. Three of them, no faces recognision. There are no faces in my dreams at all ever by the way.  The one I saw was dressed red. It was kind of one piece suit, no pockets, etc. They behaved silently, like they didn’t want to wake me up and frighten me. I was aware their presence, and I am sure they knew I don’t sleep. All in the dream, lucid dream. They were in my corridor on the first floor, and went to my bedroom, one of them exactly. I heard/sensed them. They have left for me something like make up stuff/cream which smelled ‘beautifully green’ and something which looked like chart/a4 size probably, with icons/buttons to press or something, don’t remember exactly. They just left it. I don’t know what for but they will come back, I had that impression for sure. (today I know) In the morning info on yahoo (my front page), that ufo was recorded in London. There is that kind of info once for half a year. What a coincidence?

update 27.12.2011-probably they were from Syrius, but I am not sure about it. Now I must say that this chart might look like the leaflet from one person, why such a coincidence after so many months? so one part of the dream is happening. Another is coming, I kind of sense it. And there will be come back sometime in the nearest future. I cannot wait!


Blindman, 10.01.2012, I took photos of ufo around the Moon

I received message by thoughts to take a pictures of the Moon to catch ufo flying around it. I was perfectly directed. No doubts about it. My first thought when I transferred pictures to pc was ‘it is delivery ship which brought something for upcoming in december events’.  First impression almost never mistakes me. You can read it on HOME page. I keep asking myself why me? I am just a blind man..

Today I know that on/inside the Moon there many many races of aliens, they coexist with each other. They control the Earth which is school of souls of the universe. We inkarnated many times to improove ourselves. Did we do it well? This is 100% truth. One very special person (starseed) told me that the Moon is beautiful inside. How does it sound? I would love to see it! :-)


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love and peace


Blindman, 2008 or so, a dragon fly eats on my hand :-)

Cairo, Egypt. Huge crowd in front of Egiptian museum, a huge crowd. Tight as hedgehog’s needles. I see a big dragon fly flying and looking for a place to sit but there are heads only. I put my index finger up above the heads, and the dragon fly sit on top my finger! I knew she would sit! I took her down to the level of eyes. And why she did sit? She was eating another fly and when she finished she flew away. Before that I kissed her. That was amazing! Of course nobody had a camera in that moment.

2012, I see numbers ..

almost everyday ..like 1111 or 222 or 15:51 or 15:55 .. when something is going to happen. Accidentally. They warn me about ‘bad shit round the corner’. They drives me crazy, as I have no idea what the system is. I am slowly starting learning observing connected events. Details in future blog


Blindman, 18.04.2012, scary dream

A dream. They don’t happen often. I was taped with sticky tape to not move while lying on the bed. I feel like I am being sacrificed, with scissors. They hit in my chest with it and opened my chest with few scars. I did not feel pain. At one moment I felt like I am observing this situation from distance, floating at the ceiling. The one who did it to me was dressed black like ku klux klan f..rs. Then I woke up before more happened. Bastards want to get me. that was a first attack on me. more on the way. I can sense it..

Somebody told me a ‘mantra’ to use in that case. ‘’I am the perfect child of the universe and nothing and nobody can hurt me’’. The thing is that you don’t remember that in the middle of the moment/dream/event


Blindman, 02.05.2012, dream about solar flares

3am. I just had a dream (read, ‘got a message’). Interesting.. it is always a minute before waking up, so you remember everything clearly. A dream was about sun and solar flares. I remember 11 years ago at the last solar peak I observed flares with naked eye early in the morning, day by day when the Sun was not so strong yet. I noticed it accidentally. I was seeing it for a week until it disappeared completely. It looked like small ‘something’ coming off the Sun. Now in the dream I saw flares much wider and much higher. It will come soon.

2012. Dream of my friend  about tsunami

The other night I’ve had a dream which might seem disturbing for some but for me it gave some sort of reassurance and I felt at peace when I woke up.

I was with a group of people but I have never met them before, it was like a meeting or convention of some sort.  Everyone was talking, some in small groups others were having a one to one kind of conversation.

All of a sudden someone said that we had to evacuate the building as it was raining heavily, a bad storm was on its way and the building wasn’t safe enough.

As we got outside, it was raining heavily and the water was already up to our chest.  There was myself and about another 4 or 5 people holding hands and as we looked to the right, in the distance,  there was a giant wave like a Tsunami coming towards us, we looked in each other eyes but we weren’t frightened or panicking and as we looked left, there was another Tsunami wave heading towards us.

We looked at each other again and it felt as if we could communicate through our thoughts. There was this feeling of peace and we were told to do a group hug, take a deep breath, close our eyes, elevate our thoughts and trust.  As we did this, a beam of white light surrounded us and it was the most amazing experience of Love and Peace.  As we opened our eyes, which felt as it only lasted a few seconds, we didn’t see destruction but a beautiful flat land, sunshine and peace.  We know we were safe, our energy felt different, stronger.  We couldn’t see anyone but we felt that there were others somewhere that also had the same experience.

2012 march. My dream about tsunami

I was going by small car as a passanger. suddenly I noticed a wave coming from the sea,  hitting the high cliff and turning towards us. I wasnt affraid, I was prepared for it. I took a deep breath and dream finished.

 2012 May. My friend’s dream about HUGE ufo

I am looking out from the window and to the neighbouring houses is coming a sphere size of three houses. it is coming slowly like balloon, pivoting slowly. It disappeared behind the buildings and I had an impression that it will hit the ground, but nothing like that happened. From the same place behind the buildings appears another egg shaped object. I wanted to show it to my wife but it flew off with the speed of light. Now another object appeared behind the same buidings, but it was so enormously huge, that it covered the full sky and you could see an elements of starship. It was that close. I was showing it to my wife but she didnt see it.






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