Don’t be afraid!     Dare to challenge…    Dare to accept..   Dare to dream..

Dare to emerge from traditional matrix- be free from spiritual bondage  Dr Yang ywing Ming


What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment, Self, and the Brain, How the brain changes with final liberation

few quotes from this video..

Enlightenment leads to constant bliss. It is liberation. Our self united with God. Our ego has been destroyed. There is no such things as Self. The Self is a burden. The sense of self is hallucination. Constant ongoing illusion. The sense of self has no real percept.

Mantra is emptying your mind by keeping it busy and blocking incoming thoughts.

‘The only way to open the box is absolutely nothing’ Eric Pepin

Lao tzu:  When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step


What is meditation?

Meditation Techniques from Accross the World

The Secrets Of Meditation. Have a Non Thought. Eric Pepin

How to silence monkey mind (random thoughts)?

Meditation is emptying self of all that hinders the creative forces from raising along the natural channels of the physical man to be disseminated through those centers abd sources that create the activities of the physical, the mental, the spititual man. Edgar Cayce

Meditation is a journey. In meditation we open ouerselves up to influence. if we didn’t, it wouldn’t be meditation. Meditation is surrender to a higher power. Through telepathic contact, they enter our conciousness.

In order for the God conciousness to take charge of meditation, rather than some other source, the meditator needs to be willing for that to be the case.

In meditation, as attention is focused away from the senses and back onto the mind itself, the meditator is ‘raising the level of vibrations‘.

Imagine you have no eyes and you sense energies‘ – this message I received during meditation from my spirit guide. Ask your guide for direction and be open for answers.

Approach the meditation experience as one of surrender or ‘letting go’. Rest your attention on your breath and let your Higher Power, however you imagine that Unitive Being, meditate you. Remember, the most important things that happen in meditation are not the things that you do but that are done to you through the psychic activity of the higher power. Accept meditation as a gift of Creation. Accept the gift and more will be given, MUCH MORE.

Dump the body, let it go, dump the baggage. Observing your breathing without interfering.

Distract the control guard, switch off the brain, part of reality. Mind prevents you from accessing higher conciousness. Count the breaths until you achieve state of regulating without regulating.

Meditation is the best all around approach to developing the personal pattern that highly intuitive people display. The pattern, manifesting as intuition, creativity, psychic ability is composed of such traits as field independence, openess and trust in one’s experience, spontainety, self confidence, tolerance of ambiguity and doubt, and willingness to risk criticizm. Meditation is the best training and preparation for the development of the intuitive personality. Meditation is the process of turning within. Person becomes more sensitive and familiar with inner sensations and signals. When we meditate, we come to accept without distress whatever arises. We develop openess and self acceptance during meditation.

As the time now is very limited, I receive from many different sources an urge to meditate. This is really important for developing skills which will be essential at the time of transition. Beggining is expected in december when solar and galactic radiation hit us, but it is basically happening now. This web, this text is a part of your path. People dont meet by coincidence. People dont get their life experiences by coincidence. All you get at every stage of your life is for your spiritual development. We are here on this planet to learn. This is simple truth. Use it or refuse it.

and enjoy the ride



1. Just sit on the edge of the chair and straight your spine, pull the head up constantly and slightly. Find your position. Dont rush it. It is only one position where you feel balanced, perfectly straight and relaxed. This pulling up the spine will realease blockages on the spine, which is crucial for fluent circulation of Qi energy. Your spine may click. This is very good, the more it clicks, the more blockages you release, the more you will feel relief. It will give you a lot of relaxation. Remember, your spine is your aerial. Straight it and exercise it every day in the way you like it. Most of blockages is on the spine. The more you relax the easier Qi energy flows. Swiss ball is a very nice and helpful tool.

2. Breath as slow and as low as possible. Use your belly under/around the navel. This is the battery of your body. By belly breathing you are charging yourself.  Try to not use your chest. If you touch your sexual organs with your breath this is very good. There is no time for learning methods of breathing. Keep it simple. More often you do it, sooner you get it. Practice makes master. Do it on the go wherever you go. It will force keeping your mind there and this is a goal, this is emptying mind, this is walking in the moment without any distractions. Where mind goes, there goes an energy.

3. Stillness. When you find your balanced position, you should stop moving at all. Stillness starts when you stop feeling the body and start feeling energies. Ask me for more info when you get there.

4.Point Hui Yin. One of the most important points in your body. This is your tap to earth’s energy. It is between anus and testicles/vagina. When you breath try to move it up and down coordinating with breathing however you do it. Pull it up and push it down only using power of your breath. You have to be extremely relaxed and balanced to do it. Let it work 24/7! It is difficult but this is a secret to inhale energies of Earth by your feet and Cosmos by top of your head. Using this point you will progress with your practise a lot.

more coming soon


How to raise your vibration? 

1. Empty the mind (your head area) by smiling to the lower tan tien (your centre behind&below the navel, your battery, third mind) and direct the conscious mind of the heart (second mind, heart chakra) down to the awarness of the lower tan tien

2. Combine the three minds to fuse into the one mind (Yi – your ‘head’ mind). The Yi mind is the most powerful mind to use to connet to the universe

3. Repeat following afirmations

I am at peace, feeling love and compassion in myself (touch the heart)

I am calm, warm, and still in my center (touch lower abdomen)

I am at peace with my family and people close to me (picture them)

I am at peace with my neighbours (picture them)

I am at peace with my coworkers (picture them)

I am at peace with my enemies and offer them love (picture them)

By repeating this afirmations you create a structure on which the creation can manifest. Just as your upper and lower minds create a structure in which your heart can live and breathe love, affirmations create a structure in which you can breathe life into your intentions. By manifesting this structurem you create the opportunity for engaging life in a whole new gear. You raise your vibrations.

Every thought, whether positive or negative, is a command to the universe’ more:  Mantak Chia, ”The healing energy of shared conciousness. A Taoist approach to enter universal mind”


In May 2007 Mother declared in Book of Life (in which the laws of existence are written) that growth no longer comes from imbalance but from support. (…) She then moved every being’s life force center (in humans a ball of white light about the size of grapefruit) from behind the belly button to the heart center. This changed life from being logic-driven to love-driven. This is also the position of the life force center in some in some starbeings who are more conscious than humans. This began implementation of Her plan to give human kind an evolutionary boost.  Almine, ‘’Opening the door of Heaven’’


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