Instant Karma. How Higher life teaches me..

A day at the beach.. event one

I sit on the beach crosslegged in meditation practicing a neutral point observer. A kid is looking at me with strange interest. No wonder.. how many people sit on the beach still like a rock..

I talk to him in my head telepathically.. ‘i like you.. you are nice boy’.. kid looks distracted by my thoughts.. his body language and reaction tells me that he can hear me perfectly.. I send him love.. he reacts with big eyes shocked and wide open.. … finally he looses interest and starts destroying beach grass with his toy spade… i observe it with pain.. mother-no reaction, grandfather and grandmother-no reaction.. .. i talk to the kid in my thoughts.. ‘please leave the grass alone’.. he does not listen… again..’please leave the grass alone’.. finally he cut himself with the grass..   little blood and big drama

first thought coming… instant karma


event two:

still sitting still..

a little girl is coming back from the cold see bathing.. brrr… brrrr…she is shaking.. brrrrr.. windy day brrr.. brrrrr.. very cold water brrrrr… she almost cry with cold.. brrrrr… I cannot see her but I am with her.. feeling her cold.. I start crying as she starts..  good I had sunglasses… wow again.. I am speechless..

my guides.. thank you for the lessons .. this ride is so FUNtastic!!!