Interview with alien

Thursday 03.05.2012

 ‘whenever you see something, maybe us, maybe them, the world needs to know’

Below are fragments from above video of abductee under hypnosis. You will learn that there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aliens, angels and demons, with and without emotions.. He was abducted five times.. it is an ‘interview’ with one of the alien/being  who made humanity. He speaks through the mouths of abductee..

Parts marked (???) means I could not understand what he said. If you can help, please send an email


3 years old..taken by.. bugs, bigger than me..they hurting me..cold..everything is cold..

16 years old.. five times they take material..information transfer..genetic.. future us.. future them.. they picking me up, they are not touching me, they levitate through the window.

Ship 30 feet in diameter roughly, three levels..stick big needle by my side.. bastards.. it bloody hurts

Who else is there? Lady look old, 45.. another male my age (16)..three kind of beings, different this time, some of the same, small bugs.. but the taller ones, they say their name is Elochim..

How many people is part of the program.. 2/3 humanity..1/3 was directly abducted.. they block memory

24 years old ..Armasis, my saviour.. (he had accident), very nice, beautiful person.. genetic upgrading a human being, star children.. the fight, the war, to control humanity, called good and evil..I have to help Elochim upgrade us very very quickly.. in two three generations, I am the second generation, my son is third (this video is dated 2008)..everything will be all right, we will be able to levitate, we will live up to five thousand years..

(here the good alien starts speaking by John’s mouths)

the time is near.. what you call angels I call Arians.. it is time to raise.. good in humanity. Humanity can acomplish far more greater.. they need start to come out of the box and let themselves be free..let the mind and consciousness be free..

Any credibility? Personal message? ..whenever you see something, maybe us, maybe them, the world needs to know, not everybody had this experience, not everybody remember this experience..

Is John (abductee) Safe? He is safe, he is with us, we will protect him

Who is us? Elochim.. we are original makers.. we’ve made world with love

You’ve made the people? Yes, you are our children

What do you look like? You would find too hard to look upon my face

Why? We are different..

Pretty? Or not so pretty? We think we are but.. you probably think we are not, we’ve made you on our image, but there are differences

We’d call you scary? sometime..

Why did you scare John so much? When he was three years old. That wasn’t us, that was Zetatikilos

The who? Sorry, that was the Greys

They terrified John. It is just genetic material , means nothing, lab rat..they have no emotion

Are they bad? Yes

Very bad? Yes, bad for humanity

Are they a thread? They have been a long time.. many kings have been suffering (?????) for us, many empires through our history (?????) of influence. The world  (????) for much longer, world war three

Were you there where John was 16? Yes

He was very scared then. yes

You scered him. I was new. If I came to you now would you not be scared? If I gave you a pet dragon.. that was a pup and you knew that was a pup.. and you grow up with it, you would not be scared with it.. but if I gave you a grand dragon, there would have been a fire. Would you not be scared? Till you realise that dragon, was not going to be an (?????) then you would not be scared

Aliens are real? Yes

Ufo is real? Yes . we also have alien replicated(?)Vehicles. (?????) intend for good, mostly used for war

Do you know of the arterians/arcturians????? Yes, who are they? They’re another race. They are another race that given human one upgrade. Human had 37 upgrades..since the reception, there are only 38. This is a scientifical (??????)  Star children.. star children our future.. also, when the change comes..

There are some people here.. yes.. who wish th..???? Yes..there are certain .. entetis who feed of the energy of emotion, of worship.. of fear, love, they wanna this, many (????? ) the upgrades with human have been made to make them worship or follow as (?????)  not necessarily good for their future..the human dna scientist say has 97 % of junk dna, scientist to be know this is not to be true, they just don’t want us to know.. they want(??????) don’t want you to know, don’t want humans to know, don’t want us to know, what to the rest dna exactly does(????) Every animal, every plant, every bacteria, every micro (???? every little think on this planet is in your dna..

In one yourself there is some pearl ???

In one person? In one person

Someone we spoke to.. yes.. said we’ve been wamped for body parts.. zelotikilaks  true? Yes.. zelotikilaks needs nourishment in form of fluids, ratting, ratting flesh, liquid horrible.. we (?????) real? Feed we ingest plus ( ????)

So aliens are real? Yes ufos are real? Yes was Roswell real? Roswell ..zelotikilaks.. we jumped in.. you jumped in? Yes .. all collective, jumped in to trying stop.. the information gathering.. (??????) Was formed (?????)  52, we wanna them to stop nuclear general? Free energy, no oil, no nuclear.. zelotikilaks (?????)them.. more nuclear, pretty toys.. we’ve been trying to (?????) everything

Armasis I have to tell you..,yes  I am a sceptic  yes  I don’t believe  aye  (????) whether you believe or not believe(?????)

You don’t care? no

Can you prove to me that you are real? How can you prove to me that you are real?  Hmmm made as not  but I want to believe  yes  prove to me you are real John wanna this to show up for his partner and we said no.. we wont let you up again until you show you are ready

And when would that be? Time is near.. depends on human emotion.. human state  what is near? A year? Aweek? A month? A decade? Within a decade.. within a decade.. (?????)

And when you where there when John was 16 yes how old are you? About three thousand (????)years  three thousand? Around are you an old fella?  I am adult a ????? I am adult ready to retire? Half way half way? Yes so you live to six thousands? Roughly six to nine thousands ..the first one (?????) because of the atmosphere, because of the change transfer of energy roughly about six thousands years.. there were living.. basically living gods, but they were not God/good?, they ruled with love, but (?????) one day person we called ???? rulling

Did they have anything to do with pyramids? The pyramids are far older than the scientist say they are.. they know how old they’re, they just don’t want you to know, you and I to know(?????) You and I? Yes you mean you and.. John.. I need to speak through you John.. and when I get on the subject, the John (?????) I let him take over, with my (???), I will let him take over, he is himself

What about Jesus?  Aahhh… J read the Talmud of manual.. then you’ll find a true Jesus  the what? Then you’ll find the true Jesus.. someone told me he was a venician.. no.. he was a human..

three thousand years old, it is a long time though..yes.. are you good looking bloke? I am average.. average.. me, yes.. he made as not, looks made as not  are you married?  Yes  kids? Yes (?????)

how many have you got?  Six do they come to you? They’re with us. We cherish our children, we die for our children.. have you had to kill any humans? Yes  killed people  yes  why?  self.. self sanciti?  Self sanciti?? They (????) first.. self sancity, the more us(?? )We are not always walk them in.. in your skys, out of your skys the world’s government (????? )have.. toys that can hurt, but very very do, that we can be help upon them, thngs(??????) Zelotikolaks.. helping certain people.. we are only here for love and to help, not to hurt, I have already said too much, I am putting John in danger.. I’d rather you think you (????).. Armasis.. ten to (???? )John left in danger… it made us not.. you can’t  prove to me, you can’t tell me one thing, do one thing.. it is hard for John, I am very restricted, (????) as not, I do what I can do.. ok.. thank you very much.. thank you

Thank you for answering our questions Armasis, before I bring John back is there anything, any suggestions that you want me to give to John, his subconscious , that would help him in any way health for being  John knows what he has to do.. John knows what he has to do? yes , thank you, anything else you would like to say at this point? It made us not whether people believe or not believe, it made us not that world war.. it made us not that human(????)surprised.. or the medice(???   ???) keeps going, and keeps evolving, and keeps learning to love, and keeps loving to learn…. and it will

Thank you Armasis.. ok in the moment I am just gonna count from one to five and John will return back to normal consciousness

(…)John, I was locked, and I was crying..


Thank you thousands John!!!!

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Thank you

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