‘Minds are like parachutes. They work better open’  exposes Zionism, truth about the world – news you could consider reliable and trustworthy – an eye opener for a reality you live in. Recommended – news, articles, truth, recommended – exposing illuminati, Jews, new world order, very good site news, selected views.. – The most dangerous Barack Obama video ever! he is a liar! Like all of them!


What is coming to us? Aliens & Antichrist Satanic Demonic Las Times Evil Alliance 2 of 2, this video is OUTSTANDING, MUST SEE Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition, very good video, OUTSTANDING, MUST SEE – ACTA. This is end of your freedom – ‘new’ planet Niburu is coming to us – explanations – see Nibiru coming very interesting video, ONE OF THE BEST ABOUT 2012


They are here all the time


  1. The survey results show that our galaxy contains, on average, a minimum of one planet for every star. This means that it’s likely there is a minimum of 1,500 planets within just 50 light-years of Earth (follow the link)
  2.   everything about ufo and aliens, this web is OUTSTANDING
  3.  how aliens can access your head and heart
  4. – the different types of aliens there are
  5. – the Annunaki and Mankind
  6. – persons in the sky walking!
  7. – alien abductee under hypnosis, scary, very scary
  8. – two jet fighters escort ufo
  9. – giant human skeletons found in Greece
  10. – there are many different aliens out there
  11. – shocking, or normal amount of ufo
  12. – jet chase ufo on M5
  13. – aliens on the earth
  14. – the true history of annunaki, antigravitation
  15. – nasa pictures of mars we were never supposed to see
  16. – crop circles, the message, a video of ufo making a circles
  17. google link – crop circles images, you will be amazed! Messages from different solar systems
  18. – 2012 conspiracy/illuminati/secret underground bases , things will happen soon, worth seeing
  19. – undercover alien, do you still thinking that illuminati are a myth? Wake up
  20. – new world order, secret underground bases, aliens, government lies about aliens, abductions
  21. – this is a first of 20 videos which gives you heart attack, how much you are lied to, TOP SECRET not any more, area 51, ufo/aliens, top secret technologies/government dealing with aliens


Reinkarnation is real, we are all involved

  1. – reincarnation, he is a soldier again and again
  2. – teaching past life meditation techniques
  3. – remember past lives part4
  4. – soul leaving the body photographed, beautiful


Worth seeing

  1.  – imagine what our emotions can do to us!!
  2. – what do you know about water? How thoughts affect our reality. We create it by our intentions
  3.  James Casbold, Buried Alive, MI6 agent, chapters 1-10, mind control, secret base, Nazis, goverment’s deals with aliens
  4. – Egyptian had electricity!!! Light bulbs!!! Power produced wireless by pyramids!!!
  5. – the internet’s home to the paranormals, scary
  6.   methaphysics and science website, strongly recommended
  7.  one of the best sites
  9. – 9/11 is a lie
  10. – 9/11, the truth, what happened to the building 7
  12. – 9/11, top secret antigravity ball objects
  13.  free energy for everybody? Why don’t we use it?
  14. – very good web, you can learn Qi gong, 6 healing sounds, inner smile, tai chi chuen, etc. This kind of training can make your brain sensitive for signals from cosmos
  15. – professional, highly recommended, qi gong and more
  16. DO YOU LIKE TV? –real subliminal message KILL in the news


Your possibilities

  1. how to see human aura
  2. aura secrets revealed, you can do it easily (aura_secrets_revealed)
  3. NO MORE ANY SECRETS, you can read their mind
  4.  learn remote viewing part one
  5. – web of Almine, one of the light worker, a special one
  6. – see her light (Almine) while healing, amazing, beautiful, pure love, a must see ! amazing


What is happening to the Earth?

  1. – Guatemala hole in the earth
  2. – china hole in the earth
  3. – door to hell
  4. – climat changes on all of the planets our solar system
  5. – orbs, another dimensions, another beings,  animal spirits photos, amazing
  6. – 09.10.2011 a dove formed with a clouds, is this a message, a tenth chakra of humans? Or is it a blue beam project? Please leave the comment
  7. – 03.12.2010 a dove formed with a clouds
  8. now compare these doves with Almine –
  9.  Apriel 16.2012 –the very fresh sinkhole in Sweden


Strange creatures appeared recently

  1. – unexpected life forms
  2. 06.03.2010 – strange baby born
  3. 22.03.2010 – more strange baby
  4. 31.07.2010 – pig born with the head of the dog, scary
  5. – squid with humans head

    Video of mysterious unidentified floating object leaves marine experts baffled



BOOKS (available on the amazon)

‘Opening the Dragons Gate, The making of a modern Taoist wizard’. Chen Kaiguo and Zheng Shunchao, translated by Thomas Cleary – the way of a chosen boy to the master level. A masterpiece of Chinese knowledge. The best and only book about the subject in the world

Mantak Chia – ‘The Healing light of the Tao’. An excellent first step and wide range Chinese knowledge. You will be amazed how things work in the universe and are related to your body. First class!

Mantak Chia – ‘Six Healing Sounds’, and ‘Inner Smile’ –an ancient secret Chinese self healing methods, an excellent books to learn how to keep your organs healthy, how to deal with our emotions, how they influence us. So easy to practice. So pleasant. Highly recommended

‘Embrionic breathing’ Dr Yang Ywing Ming – how to charge your battery by belly breathing, how to deal with your inner bioelectricity/Qi. Awarded book

‘Small circulation’ Dr Yang ywing Ming – how to circulate your Qi. How to heal yourself. How to reach further. Awarded book