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Manfred Clynes, a former concert pianist studied the relation between music and emotion. During his many performances he learned that certain parts of his playing moved people more than others. He wanted to find out what it was in music, what pitches and notes touched people more than others. He embarked on a scientific career to find out.

He studied the wave shapes that were related to human emotions. The tender hugs and caressing between people seemed to follow predictable envelopes of pressure that were universal. His studies showed that they were not related to cultural, religious or racial backgrounds. All over the world people seem to follow the same recipe for creating emotions in waves.

Expressions of anger and hate where people push and jerk the other also follow predictable wave paths of pressure. Amazingly the emotion associated with love is Golden Mean related! If we’re hugging our loved one and we express the feeling of love, the maximum pressure in the hug is at exactly the Golden Mean ratio with respect to the total duration of the hug!

Relation between emotions and wave envelops.
(Courtesy of Dan Winter,

Daniel Winter concluded from Manfred Clynes material that love must be Golden Mean related!

So it seems there is only one way the universal consciousness of the universe can create. It requires the loving non-destructive interference bending of light into fractal structures of geometries that allows the waves to stand and interfere eternally. The higher harmonics in the Golden Fibonacci sequence are all based on the longest Phi wave, the carrier wave. The cascade of electromagnetic waves all braid on this Golden wave with the longest wavelength, the long Phi wave or lo-Phi wave, the love-wave!

Is lo-Phi the origin of the word love?

So it seems only love creates and we can now appreciate that the loving waves that interfere with each other is what creates the material world. If the interfering waves did not maintain the Golden Mean ratio in wavelength, destructive interference would be the result and the material world could simply not exist. Isn’t it true that love can move mountains and that hate and anger destroys everything? We can see the same principle expressed in waves that lovingly construct the material world! When the waves hate each other, they compete and kill each other!

Light in a straight line is energy, loving light bent around a focal point creates matter and it’s the universal consciousness that keeps the waves centered! If the universal mind of the universe, God is the light and love of the world, like the Bible has always told us; we can now appreciate it from a scientific perspective!


Daniel Winter is a member of the Heart Coherence Team that has developed a Heart Tuner ®. The Heart Tuner is a heart/brain biofeedback system that is able to measure the coherence between the heartbeats (Electrocardiogram ECG) and the brainwaves (Electroencephalogram EEG) of an individual. It is used by therapists and researchers but is also suited for individuals to establish balance between the heart and mind.

For the first time in history we’re able to really measure human emotions such as compassion, empathy, love, anger and frustration. The Heart Tuner uses the electromagnetic waves of the heart and the brain and is able to determine if there is harmony between them, in other words if there is coherence between heart and mind. What the Heart Tuner does is that it checks whether our feelings and thoughts are balanced.

For ages we’ve believed that the heart is the home of our feelings and emotions, it is expressed in almost any popular love song, however human emotions can now really be measured and they stem from the heart indeed. Emotions are reflected in the waves of the ECG.

Also our thoughts leave a fingerprint in the electromagnetic field of the brain, our brainwaves recorded in the EEG. The Heart Tuner picks up the signals of the heart and the brain and is able to detect phase locks between the waves of the ECG and the EEG.

When a phase lock is detected, not only do the frequencies in the heart signal match up with the frequencies of the brainwaves, also their phase matches, the waves are harmoniously connected! In technical terms the signals are said to be coherent! What really is happening is that the person involved is balancing his feelings and his thoughts and he’s experiencing peaceful, joyful feelings, bliss.

The Heart Tuner has proven its therapeutic benefits:

  • It stimulates the immune system
  • Balances emotional and physical health
  • Is a feedback tool for stress release
  • Improves a person’s learning abilities
  • Can be used to eradicate addictions.
  • Is a good aid in conflict solving by measuring coherence between two persons (it’s a lie detector that never lies!)

Now how does the Heart Tuner work and what is really happening in the frequency spectra of the heart and brain?

First of all, the sonic sounds of the heart, the heartbeats are translated into electromagnetic pulses by the thymus of the heart and the glands in our body that act as piezo-electrical devices translating sonic pressures into electromagnetism. This is how the heart creates an electromagnetic field that can be measured as an ECG.

Daniel Winter discovered that people who are experiencing true feelings of love leave a signature in the frequency spectrum of the heart, the ECG.
What happens is that the frequency components in the spectrum become Golden Mean related (Phi)! Surprisingly also the brainwaves can become entrained, phase locked with the heartbeat waves! Brain and heart waves beat at the same pace and in the same phase connected by the Golden Mean (Phi).

The result is our by now familiar cascade of Golden electromagnetic waves just like we’ve discussed before that is happening inside the atom.

According to Daniel Winter, the cascade of Golden electromagnetic waves ends up as blue light in the DNA of our body! The DNA is a kind of a lens attracting the electromagnetic energy into itself.

So how does the heart and brain waves that have long wavelengths connect and lock with the much shorter wavelengths of the DNA? It’s the Golden Mean ratio that bridges the scale of the long wavelength of the heart and brain waves to the short wavelength of DNA. When our thoughts and emotions are attuned to love, a cascade of Fibonacci series of harmonics is created that links the energy of the heart and mind to our own DNA.

So emotion is really energy, it is energy in motion, e-motion. Emotion is like a roller coaster conveying the emotional energy from the heart to every cell in our body into our very own DNA. The energy of our emotions moves between these scales of long waves to short waves and is finally delivered to our DNA. Fritz Popp had previously discovered the bio photons, the blue light in the body and assumed that it was somehow related to DNA, Daniel Winter explains us the wave coupling mechanism of how the energy of the mind and heart is delivered to our very own DNA.

When the heart expresses the emotion of love it creates a cascade of Golden Mean electromagnetic waves, in fact it creates gravity just like the atom does when it attracts by Golden Mean braiding electromagnetic waves into the zero still point. Why have we always associated love with gravity? Why do we use words like I’m attracted to you, like the moon is to the Earth, when we’re in love with someone? Why has our emotion always been associated with weight? When Isaac Newton saw the apple fall from the tree, he just discovered gravity. He ran off to tell others and explained the principle of gravity by saying that the apple is attracted to the Earth. The people stared and laughed at him, the whole idea seemed preposterous, how could an apple be attracted to the Earth? Are they in love? Only people in love are attracted to each other. It took Newton a long time before people started to get used to the idea of gravity as a force of attraction. In those days, Newton would have done better to take other words to explain the principles of gravity. However taking Daniel Winter’s theory of gravity literally, the word attraction seems just fine; it now seems appropriate three hundred years after Newton to say that the Earth and the moon are in love and that it is gravitation that is drawing a man to a woman!

Daniel Winter also used his Heart Tuner on a trained yogi who went into a deep state of meditation. Formerly he had instructed the yogi to focus on a tree and to send loving thoughts to the tree. He placed an antenna near the tree and linked both the yogi and the antenna near the tree to his Heart Tuner.

The antenna under the tree picked up the Earth’s electromagnetic Schumann waves. The Schumann waves named after German Professor W.O Schumann were discovered in 1952. The Schumann waves are a result of the Schumann resonance, a frequency resonation of about 8 Hertz that occurs between upper layers in the atmosphere and the Earth’s crust. It is called Gaia’s heartbeat.

The Schumann resonance is somehow related to human consciousness since brainwaves operate in a frequency domain that includes the 8-Hertz Schumann frequency. Spacecraft of NASA are all equipped with a device that simulates the natural Schumann resonance frequency. From early space travel NASA learned that astronauts get disoriented and distressed when they are shut off from the Schumann resonance. As a human being we depend on it.

Daniel Winter demonstrated that the trees in the woods act like huge antennae that pick up the Schumann frequency and amplify it. When hooked up to the Heart Tuner he noticed first of all that that the yogi’s ECG and EGG were coherent as expected from earlier experiments. However he also found that the yogi’s brainwaves and heartbeats had become coherent with the Schumann resonance of the Earth!

What he demonstrated with his experiment is that when we feel love we tune into and become one with nature itself. Daniel Winter now believes that all biological life depends on the Schumann resonance as the carrier wave, the long Phi wave to braid electromagnetic Golden waves. Humans can link up to biology and to mother Earth itself for that matter. The heartbeat of this planet is the Schumann resonance. It may be the explanation why a walk in the woods is so refreshing and why people like to spend time in nature. Being completely shut off from the Schumann resonance on high altitudes in a plane where the fuselage acts like a big Faraday cage, is now believed to contribute to the effects of a jetlag.

Daniel Winter warns us of the hazards of electromagnetic smog in our biosphere; it destructively interferes with biology itself and finally causes cancer. We’ve shielded ourselves from the natural Schumann resonance and the Earth grid energies by hiding in concrete buildings and by destroying the green forests of the globe, the antennae that amplify the Schumann resonance. The power grid in the United States that drains current into the Earth causes the worst case of electromagnetic pollution and this activity should be stopped immediately according to Dan Winter!



Scientists like David Wilcock and Daniel Winter take the notion even further, they say the aether energy has properties of consciousness, they conclude that there is no dualism in the physical and the mental realm.

The aether energy is pure consciousness energy and since it shapes our entire universe, the universe itself must be a living intelligent being.

So if this fact can be proven aether physics seems to be a scientific corroboration of the tenets held by many Eastern spiritual traditions that the source of our universe is a life force energy, a spiritual energy called many names like Prana, Ki, Chi, Akasha to name a few.

In this chapter we’ll present some ‘proof’ of this startling conclusion, although scientists have different ideas to come to this conclusion. For instance David Wilcock refers to Russian research on torsion waves that travel as spiralling impulses through the aether at a billion times the speed of light. They are caused by many types of events such as the movement of physical objects but also surprisingly enough by conscious thought! Russian discoveries revealed that our thoughts and feelings extend far beyond the body and travel through the universe!

Quantum physicist David Bohm also believes that the universe is holographic in nature and that there is an undivided wholeness of all things. It is useless to think in terms of separate particles since they are like little whirlpools in the river, you can’t tell where the whirlpool starts and the river ends. Bohm goes on to say that consciousness is not only present in animate life forms but also in inanimate matter since, energy, space, time and consciousness are not separate things according to Bohm.

Amit Goswami says that consciousness must be the ground of all being to solve the ambiguity of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum science. So it must be consciousness that is primordial and shapes the physical. Amit Goswami is the author of the book ‘The self-aware universe’.

Daniel Winter explains consciousness as follows; wherever the aether waves organize themselves around the torus to become fractal or recursive, they turn around the torus to meet themselves, they become self-referential. Not only do they create gravity but also self-reference or self-awareness in the process. Self-reference is the principle of being self-aware and is the definition of consciousness according to the ancient Vedas.

The Golden waves in the fractal geometrical patterns are attracted to the zero point, the focal point of the atom. The zero point acts as a fractal attractor drawing into it all the electromagnetic waves that can be shared to ride the roller coaster of the cascading Golden waves. In a sense it’s a miniature black hole attracting the light into itself meanwhile creating not only gravity but also self-awareness.

But if recursive electro-magnetic waves forming fractals is the true nature of consciousness, it means that consciousness is not restricted to life forms only but also inanimate objects must have a kind of consciousness. All material things in the universe must be self-aware!

Indigenous tribes like the native Indians of America and the Australian aboriginals for instance have always claimed that everything from the raindrops to rivers, from rocks to mountains are alive. Conscious life is not restricted to animate life forms that dwell upon the land; the Indians believed that every material thing had a soul, including the land. To these people all of creation was alive and part of the whole; they worshipped the mountains and the rivers, the moon and the Sun just as much as the animals and plants.

Our western culture regards the ancient religions as primitive since the ancients worshiped the stars and planets as the Gods of the Heavens. Maybe they didn’t have such a primitive and poor concept of reality after all? Maybe it is us who have some catching up to do?

It is now dawning in science that the universe may be self-aware. This implies that all atoms, planets, stars, etc, are self-aware and have some form of individuality. We can no longer speak of consciousness that is restricted to organic life forms alone; consciousness can reside in many forms including stars and planets. The universe itself may be one conscious being that we humans are part of.

This makes every single focal point of electromagnetic waves an individual consciousness that is part of the universal consciousness. Human individual consciousness focusing in the human body is simply a piece of the total consciousness of the universe. The brain is merely the antenna tuned to receive the individual consciousness from the universal consciousness just like the quantum brain theory suggests. Each individual mind however also has access to the universal mind.

It would explain how the universal consciousness was accessed by so many geniuses like the greatest philosophers, scientists, artists and musicians that have inspired us throughout the Ages. If we accept this, then within this holographic concept of consciousness our separate egos must be illusions.

A growing number of physicists today believe that the universe indeed is self-aware. Why is it that almost all of the world religions associate God’s consciousness with light? The Bible tells us that God is the Light of the world!

Daniel Winter’s implosion physics now tells us that it is conscious light that creates the material world! Could this universal consciousness that many like to refer to as God be the zero point in the aether, the still point, the fractal attractor in chaos theory that draws all the light of the world into itself where all is One? The zero point could be regarded as the source and destination, the alpha and the omega of creation. Daniel Winter tells us that it is this universal consciousness that focuses the waves into the zero point and keeps it spinning, it can be compared with the Gforce mentioned in AetherDynamics!

But wasn’t God also associated with unconditional love? If God is really to be associated with conscious light then where is the love in all of Winter’s Golden waves?