Marihuana oil cures cancers and many other diseases. It also opens body for energies of cosmos and earth. This is one of the most precious herb on the planet. What you see and hear in public tv is a GIGANTIC LIE!!!

Eating Marihuana Grows Brain Cells

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cannabis oil is natural highly efficient cancer cure

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The other point of view:

Drugs prevent us from feeling pain, but they also prevent us from accessing light. People who use drugs, including dental narcotics and marijuana, have a thick grayish mucous in their etheric body that hangs around the head and over the heart. Heavy drugs can also cause distortions in the mental bodies.

People who have used marijuana a long time or heavy-duty drugs even a few times, have overactive adrenal glands. This pushes them into a constant state of anxiety because the body interprets the spurts of adrenaline as a response to fear. They then use more drugs to calm themselves. Continued drug abuse causes the adrenal system to become dominant, when the goal is to have the pituitary system and the heart center be dominant because that is the natural condition when we are in balance. A fully functioning pituitary gland provides us with visions and insight.    source :


The physical effects of marijuana from the perspective traditional chinese medicine

Marijuana damages your Kidney and Jing Sexual Essence Systems by devastating your Kidney Qi, Yin and Yang, depleting and depolarizing your Jing Sexual Essence and confusing, provoking and exhausting your natural sexual functions.  read more..


Marijuana and Sex