Mind Control

Lilly Morgan

Mind control is the most terrible imaginable crime because it is committed not against the body, but against the mind and the soul.

Mind Control, Synthetic Telepathy, Cloned Emotions, S-Squad, Pulsed Microwaves, Project Soul Catcher and H.A.A.R.P are tools of evil psychopaths. There is evidence that this kind of technology will be used on an unsuspecting public at some point in the future. This CANNOT be allowed to happen. It is totally INHUMANE and It MUST be stopped by ANY means. I would not wish what I went through upon my worst enemy. I am still incapable of comprehending how anyone could do something like this to another human being.

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Mind control, synthetic telephaty, Pulsed microwaved technology, Silent sound technology ‘S-quad’, Clonning the emotions,

Worldwide electronic mind control via ‘cell phone’ towers



James Casbolt MI6 – Buried Alive (pdf, 1.5MB)

‘My name is James Michael Casbolt. The following is my life and testimony. I was born in London in 1976. I was chosen for an intelligence agency mind control and genetic enhancement program before my birth and was born into the program known as Project Mannequin. This project is one of the most secret and classified projects in this country’

Everything in Project Mannequin is organized by the Jewish kabala occult system, using such esoteric methods as numerology and archeometry (advanced remote viewing)’ This security officer witnessed many of the strange things I saw in Project Mannequin. Not least, small military “bio-robots” that are part machine and part organic, known as PLF’s (Programmable Life Forms).

Seven years after this treaty, in 1941, the Greys approached the German government and Hitler. A treaty was then arranged with the Nazis. The Greys offered mind control and other technologies to the Germans, and in return wanted human subjects to conduct their genetic experiments on.

I have come across huge amounts of evidence that many Greys and Draco reptilians may have actually been on this planet (installed underground) since at least the time of ancient Babylon. They may have been covertly subverting the human surface population over a long period of time in preparation for the return of the fearsome Draco Prime overlords from Alpha Draconis.

‘The Pleiadians have given me specific directives not to disclose the details of my walkin situation until I have permission at a later date. According to them, I am being prepared for a mission at a time when their spacecraft are seen by hundreds of thousands of people in broad daylight, such as the mass sightings at Fatima in Portugal and Mexico.’

Sarah Stanga



I am a Starseed, and I am an abductee and MILAB and MONARCH Mind control survivor.

This blog is about my experiences and memories and thoughts about what has happened to me.
My story starts with my natal chart. which is approximately 85% fire in element, and I am born prematurely at 7 months instead of 9.

I am born on the third feast date of the Goddess Sophia (16th December 1976), which is also the date of the Celtic Goddess Morrigwan, and also the date for the Spider Goddess. I am born Saggitarius, which in Egyptian astrology is the Goddess Sekhmet. I am also born in the year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology, and in the year of the Fire Dragon. None of this is by accident.

I also get programmed kundalini releases for the spring and autumn equinoxes and also the summer and winter solstices, which in terms of the work they had me doing must have been pretty handy for them indeed.

I also have Celtic, and Norse/Latvian heritage. My surname means “Warrior” in Latvian and also stands for a form of staff used as a weapon of defence and war. Latvian’s consider themselves Aryan, and much of their pagan tradition echoes that from India in the Hindu tradition, apart from that there appears to be no caste system. I also have German, Irish and English descent.