Who should I believe?


It ally disturbs me that you are using this dating site to preach… This is NOT what this site is for! Some of what you say is insulting to any intelligent person out there as well as condescending! You say WE dont listen!! Maybe WE dont want to as we came on here to find a partner not to listen to you spouting off your beliefs about how WE should all live our lives! I find your ideas cultish and wonder what are your true reasons for being on here! I am blocking purely because i cannot hear anymore of your ideas and have reported you for using this site as a platform to preach… Disgraceful!!!!!   Somebody 1



Hello there
just read your diary as i was interested in the one word….(mine would be parsnip… love has been hard on me over the years…not sure it will rear its head again!)…. and boy oh boy what a great life you lead!!!!!

Just saying hi. I wont be your bag but your profile was very interesting. Sounds like you lead a very interesting and fulfilling existence. Respect to you :O)
somebody 2


My answer to Somebody 1

I would answer in private email but you blocked me without having a chance to answer. How does it sound?

What I am doing here is LOOKING FOR THE ONE AND ONLY in the way I need and I expect to work. Should I be sorry for having a gift of ‘seeing’? Should I be sorry for sharing what I know because I care? Is it my problem that you have no idea what I am talking about? The one I am looking for WILL KNOW. Should I leave this site because you don’t like what I am writing? Just don’t read it please.

Wishing you MORE LOVE


so who should I believe?

Maybe just believe in love?